Posten Pod

Urban Mail Delivery Vehicle

UID MA User Centered Design Project, Fall 2010
9 weeks

Posten AB is the name of the Swedish postal service and they were also our collaborator. In this project our main focus was to concentrate on user centered design practices and study everyday life activities and motivations of our user group in order to discover opportunities to overcome design challenges.

The actual transport and delivery of the mail is done either by car or specially build mopeds. After studying these vehicles, I listed a number of flaws which would cause physical strain and injuries on the body over time.

My primary goal was to overcome this physical stress by optimizing the layout of the vehicle and secondly, design a friendly vehicle which fit better into the existing cityscape.

During our research and field observations, we focused on postal workers who were based in Umeå, Sweden. Therefore, conditions of this geography defined my contextual framework.

Please click here for the design process.